“Knock My Socks Off!”

Sock-wearing Siri is about to indeed sock it to Johnny at SCORELAND. She’s wearing a sporty knotted top and blue briefs that reveal off each curve and valley of her soaked, creamy body. Long blue socks that look like she’s going to play softball in the park. But this day is major league hardball in the bedroom with this glamorous apprentice and it is game on. With eye-candy presented like this, that lady-killer can’t resist opening the box and sampling Siri’s fascinating treats and receives to 3rd base very quickly. Siri’s knickers come off so her box can be licked and kissed. Siri kneels and starts sucking on his extra-hefty hose, making spit strings as that babe puts it in and out of her mouth. This babe rubs his nuts with one hand, her mangos with the other. This babe cups both bumpers in her palms during the time that Johnny pumps her mouth. The sight of Siri’s glamorous face with penis in her throat surpasses all the art treasures of every museum in the world. Siri and Johnny have sex fever and they receive to cure it by unyielding, pounding banging. Observe how this babe savors his eventual cum explosion. How the lens did not fog up is a mystery. In Siri’s previous episode, Ramjet commented, “I’m wondering if there’s a little touchup done on the video. It doesn’t seem to me that such perfection can be natural.” But there was no manipulation. Siri is real, extraordinarily real, and she rules.

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