Killing The Bikini

Killing The Swimsuit

How long can that bikini last when Stephanie Stalls is the girl wearing it? With commonplace use, maybe six months. With super-heavy fullsome funbags adore hers, it’s not very long before fabric fatigue kicks in. The merely quick solution? Take it off and that is what Stephanie does. If u ever watch Stephanie in person, it is okay to check her out. “It’s a worthwhile thing!” Stephanie says. “I wanna be looked at! Not all the time, though. Sometimes I’m just trying to acquire errands done and I do not wish all the attention. But almost any of the time I love it. I am used to being looked at all the time. I mean, I’m in the magazine cuz I desire to be looked at. I went online and saw the precious comments about me. I like ’em! So keep writing in admirable things about me. Every angel desires attention. I’m at the top of the list.”

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