Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

“I love to make an effort and dress to impress a boy,” says tempting Katie Thornton, outdoors here but wearing an outfit meant for inside.

“I adore to giggle and if a chap can make me chuckle, he’s got my attention! Making me chortle is a must!”

How much of a chance does a chap have trying to pull Katie?

“Sex on the first date? If everything’s right and the timing is priceless. What’s the point of awaiting? I’ll give a dude a cute, flirty glance and a cocky wink and see how this woman chaser handles it. One time a lad and I snuck down to the beach at night to have sex. Doing it in public is smth a girl doesn’t forget.”

We tried for a entire year to arrange a visit to the USA, and Katie’s finally here. “I was in Prague twice with your photographers but now I’ve finally had the chance to come to America. I’ve been to LA, Las Vegas and Miami. I adore Miami!”

Katie is definitely a Miami goddess.

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