Girls Who Like Gals

Girls Who Adore Girls

Breast rubbing, kissing, licking with tongue, engulfing and mashing. Nipples caressing clits and ass cheeks. Cunts being spanked and finger-fucked. Tongue-to-tongue and lip-locking. Sexy and big busted woman bodies massaging, fondling and hugging.

That is what’s on the minds of Roxanne Diamond and Amorina guided by their idol and role glamour model, Joana, one of the most-popular naturals–an MVP of major league yabbos.

The final time those 3 were at SCORELAND (in “Big Tit Pussy Picnic”), they couldn’t keep their hands and face holes off each other’s bodies. Now they’ve returned for more, this time indoors in heels and attractive clothing that come off fast.

Like last time, Joana is the Chairwoman of the Boob-board, guiding the girls to sticky cum-gasms and instructing ’em in the ways of pleasuring her own desire for female-dominator bodies. Joana has two very ready disciples at her service. They look up to her and would probably do everything this babe tells them to. It’s a top-heavy threesome of scones, clits and pussies.

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