JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen

JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen

Did life change for Kelly Christiansen after becoming a hot body adult model and doing a few hardcore scenes?

“I think I told that was one of the reasons I got into this, that I wanted to boost my confidence,” SCORE WILF Kelly told. “It worked! I am definitely not as coy as I used to be. That’s definitely a good thing for me. I mean, now I can just walk up to somebody and talk to ’em about everything. Especially my love muffins. I can definitely talk to anybody about my mounds.”

And if a stranger now compliments her about her zeppelins? “If a guy came up to me and said, ‘You have nice bosoms…,’ I would just be love, ‘Thank u,’ I think. What do you say? But now, I am adore, ‘Oh, yeah, u crave to watch them?’ Although not also many people recognize me, even now.

“Before I sauntered into the studio the first time, I actually, honestly didn’t think I could pose, and coming in and having such a precious time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I couldn’t make almost certainly of it. It was great.

That babe watches her hardcore scenes when the mood strikes.

“When u observe it, you are love, ‘Oh, wow! That is kinda hot!’ When you’re doing it, you are not thinking about the end-product or what it’s intend to look love. You’re into the moment of it. You do not must see what your body has the appearance of in the different poses and how you indeed look during the time that you are getting fucked, so it’s wonderful to step back and say, ‘Hey, that looks precious!’ The thing is, I would at not time had sex on-camera in advance of and viewed myself. My spouse and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all sexy and heavy and into it, and he was adore, ‘Wait, let me rewind!’ We lay there and had sex while I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different.”

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