The Perfect Body?

The Perfect Body?

A Janet Jade glamour photoshoot that at not time saw publication in SCORE magazine or at SCORELAND is a situation that needs to be corrected. It is simply the great Janet in a stylish raiment and eventually a little of the B.O.B. (battery-operated partner) to keep her occupied.

A suggestion that Janet move to Miami was once made but that plot didn’t work. “I’m sure plenty of bucks think I’m specific because of these,” told Janet. “But there are other particular things about me. Then again, when boyz look at a magazine like SCORE, the solely thing that matters is your scones, so if fellows love ’em and think mine are particular, that’s great. And if they got to know me, they’d see there’re other specific things about me. Either way, it’s great.”

Janet has it incorrect. That babe is particular in each way.

When we can, we try to remind her of how worthwhile the weather is in south Florida.

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