Island Dominatrix-bitch

Island Goddess

Pop quiz: Minka is the world’s A) # TWO B) #1 C) #4 Oriental busty queen. The answer is B: Minka is the world’s #1 Oriental Big-Boob queen. All the tit experts accede, including comedian and Minka fan Adam Carolla of the Petticoat chaser Reveal and Loveline who introduced Minka as “the world’s #1 Oriental big boobed queen” on his 97.1 Free FM radio unveil in a broadcast from the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on December 13, 2000.

Anytime that any glamour model endevoured to match undergarment sizes with Minka, Minka would just acquire bigger. In fact, when Minka’s bra woman saw Minka after an expansion in 1999, the woman nearly fainted. This pictorial is part of a series of Minka photos discharged on the island of St. Thomas during Boob Cruise 2000, the year that SCORE was present at Minka’s table at the Caesars’ Palace Circus Maximus showroom the night she won the Bigger than typical Bust Entertainer of the Year reward from Gogo dancer Publications.

Minka has always held a particular insert our own lives at SCORE, and we will proceed to showcase Minka’s greatness in upcoming photo projects.

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