“How to make me happy,” by Angela

'How to make me glad,' by Angela

Angela is gonna give you a clip tutorial. By the time it ends, u will know how to make her very cheerful. Study carefully and pay attention to her instructions. That babe knows a lot of lascivious stuff for a young beauty.

We asked Angela, “In Australia, do you run into people who have seen you in SCORE or Voluptuous magazines or on Scoreland? If so, what’s their reaction?”

Angela replied, “I have run into a diminutive in number people. I actually adore it when I do coz I do have enjoyment the attention. I adore the boys who will come up and talk to me instead of just pointing and staring. I do not bite (out side of the bedroom!) and I’m glad to have a drink with a recent ally.

“When I was stripping at a undress joint on the Gold Coast of Australia, I met an English boy on holiday who recognized me and that dude took me out to lunch. He was so ravishing that when I went to London on vacation, I made sure I met up with him again. I know u wish to hear all the obscene stories about what we did, but I’m gonna leave that up to your imagination! So come up to me and say congratulate. You by no means know what might happen!”

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