HOLY COW! The Milking Of Lovely Hitomi

HOLY COW! The Milking Of Enjoyable Hitomi

The goddess from Japan is captured, held captive and fixated by 2 milk-crazed researchers from the dairy department of unusual science.

In a deserted factory, these 2 nutty scientists and SCORE employees hook up suction tubes to Hitomi‘s areolas and pump big amounts of milk out of her astronomical bumpers, filling gallon jugs with her creamy boob juice. It is a outlandish lactation fantasy and Hitomi is the centerpiece of this strange milking fetish.

Pumping the milk out her big bra buddies creates a mess as an endless stream of milk is sucked out of her. Behind one milkman and a trickling Hitomi overspread in milk spilling from her teats, the second milkman empties a bucket of her areola nectar into a bigger bucket.

After her captors depart, Hitomi writhes and wiggles, overcome with erotic fever. It’s time to wake up from your fantasy, Hitomi. The milkmen have left the building.

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