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Novice Holly Wood (SCOREtv Season TWO Clip 4) made her launch at SCORELAND busting out of a taut pink top. The bouncing, bubbly blonde Bunny Ranch honey bunny has a bustline that balloons her blouses to the point of button-bursting with a deep breath. And just observe that bodacious badonkadonk. Baby got back, really. Holly returns to expose her bedroom talents in her 1st boy-girl scene and SCORE asked Holly about it.

SCORELAND: Holly, this was your 1st scene on-camera. How different was it for you to be photographed having sex?

Holly: It actually is a lot different when a photographer is around. Suddenly I need to worry about how I look in every angle. When I am just having sex with someone, they cant see each aspect my body like a digi camera across the room does.

SCORELAND: Were you nervous at all before your first hardcore scene?

Holly: I was nervous cuz I did not exactly know the step-by-step process of how things flowed. I savour being in control, and I typically plan everything out in my head beforehand. Here, I could not do that ‘coz I was a newbie! It was enjoyment having to let go and be more spontaneous with my days. I was not nervous about the actual scene or having sex. It is smth I do each day! It is the other aspects that made my heart flutter!

SCORELAND: Do u check out porn in general or did u observe any SCORE episodes previous to you came here?

Holly: I view porn almost daily. I didn’t need to see many SCORE vids, just trailers, so I had some idea of how things would look!

SCORELAND: What kind of porn do u love?

Holly: What don’t I look at? All of it turns me on, seriously! Especially cum shots. Smth about seeing that moment of ecstasy.

SCORELAND: What would you say to other big boobed girls interested in shooting for SCORE?

Holly: I’ll say it over and over…do it! They are accustomed, precious, enjoyment, and a pleasure to work with! I trust ’em totally!

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