Completely Coated!

Totally Coated!

On the eve of her departure back to Tokyo, Hitomi enters a black room. She’s dressed in a red fishnet body dress and wears red shoes. This is the way-out glory aperture disrobe club. Taking her stupendous meatballs in her hands, that babe lifts them to her face hole to lick and suck her nipples. Hitomi explores the dildos sticking without the wall and tugs on ’em. She places ’em betwixt her bouncy bosoms.

A shower of sperm erupts from the darkness and sprays her, totally glazing her face and chest. The ooze gets in her mouth and she spits it out. Her hair is luscious. Hitomi’s hooters wobble and shake wildly as that babe bounces, pints of the ram dripping off Hitomi’s fetching body in a cum fetish dream climax.

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