Hardcore Galore For Codi Vore At SCORE

Hardcore Galore For Codi Vore At SCORE

When Codi Vore did her first hardcore series at SCORELAND, this babe said, “You can not just await anything to be authentic on-camera, but the more authentic, the more fun it is, so it makes sense that I want it to be authentic as possible, and I’m actually lucky that I have to have sex with such hot people coz it makes it actually simple to be authentic when the people are so kind and respectful and hawt as hell.”

Codi plays hitchhiker with astronomical meatballs in this threesome scene, her first SCORE three-some with 2 studs. It’s a sure bet that a car will avoid to pick her up. She is fetching and she is wearing a tight, low-cut top and cut-off shorts.

When Brad and Juan avoid for her on a quiet, hilltop road, Codi hops in the back seat, lowers her top and, giggling, brandishes off her bigger than average, nice-looking boobs. They do not need an engraved invitation to guess what’s on Codi’s mind.

One time at her place, the 3some strip off their handsome garments. The fellows go potty checking out Codi’s voluptuous body, plus, they rarely see a gal with a bush. Codi takes a penis in every hand and gives them some stroking, then kneels to blow ’em.

The sex-party people acquire into daybed to have a private little orgy, screwing and sucking every which way. Codi is very supple and can receive into any position. By the time this babe is through with her two pick-ups, they’re completely drained of cream.

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