Green Vigour

Green Power

Charley Green is a full-time adult model and loves horseback riding, travelling and clubbing. Charley became a adult model ‘coz she can’t live without attention and the fact that daily can be different for a adult model. My fun bags have to be on unveil with tight gracious clothing that likewise flaunt off my a-hole and legs.” What kind of lads does Charley adore? Any peculiar type? “I like males to be really manly” says Charley. “I have a thing for eyes, a kind of squishy but firm look in his eyes.” This babe can’t live with out boys in uniform, even work uniforms. Rough and ready, not prim and proper. She can’t live without a challenge too. “If I’m out with girls on a night out and I watch a group of men and I think one of ’em looks priceless but he doesn’t notice me, I’ll work to get his attention.” Charley isn’t the 1st SCORE Cutie to bring this goddess thing up in a conversation. “I most like dudes who leave me alone, and then I can make my way to them. If someone’s hounding me, I do not identify that gracious, cuz it means that smooth operator is been doing that to other women too. ‘cuz I don’t feel particular.” Trust us, Charley, you’re specific whether you’re being hounded or being left alone.

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