Full & Juicy

Full & Juicy

The tape on the eyeglasses. Those terrifying orange shoes. Where’s the shirt pocket protector or is that a geek guy thing? Tiggle Bitties has joined the Nerdist Party for this study session in a geek girl’s bedroom.

What would Tig actually wear going out unless that babe was planning to run in nature’s garb in the woods?

“I am probably wearing fitted jeans and a strap ‘cuz I have a wonderful ass, and I love to show it off, and then I’ll wear a wrap shirt so I can control how much breast valley I’m showing. I can make a decision where to tie it. I can loosen it to make it lower.”

As in a short time as the shirt comes off, we can watch Tig tug on her mangos and that babe is really–we mean really–a great tugger. Tricks are for fullsome funbags with Tig. She knows what real breast-men wanna watch.

SCORELAND: Tig, do you check out adult vids at home, anyway yours? What kind do you like?

Tiggle: Certainly I do! I like group scenes and REAL girl on girl scenes, not the gross fake ones.

SCORELAND: Do u go to naked beaches or adult resorts?

Tiggle: I do not…yet. But I would be absolutely thrilled to do that! Who desires to take me?

SCORELAND: You’re not a gogo dancer. Do u ever go to strip clubs as a customer and view the cuties?

Tiggle: Absolutely! Usually with my almost any magnificant friend. [Laughs]

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