New and Stacked

Fresh and Stacked

From waitress to SCORELAND Cutie. Amy Berton told she’s the adventurous type and her move from restaurant to breasturant proves it. Amy likes to try recent things and have fresh experiences. Posing nude was on her list.

“When I was younger, I was confused to receive so much attention ‘cuz of my chest, but now, on the contrary, I enjoy it,” Amy told. “I like to wear taut T-shirts and tight dresses with a low neckline now.”

A ally told Amy about SCORE. She was up for a change and desirous to try the experience.

“I like to masturbate so I was comfortable doing it on-camera. I start slow and I imagine a ladies man licking my snatch. Sometimes I like to use a sextoy on my love button.”

See Amy’s interview in a separate bonus movie scene.

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