Faye Day

Faye Day

“I love a sextoy buzzing my clitoris and my fingers squirming in my wet crack,” told Lillian Faye. Whenever some of the SCORE workers go to lunch, none of the waitresses ever say that to us when they’re handing out the menu, for some reason.

Lillian was a livecam beauty when we identified her, and since majority cam girls masturbate (a lot), Lillian was no greenhorn to petting the kitty and was already “pre-loaded” as a model. That babe didn’t need any photographic directorial advice. Her movie scene that matches this photo-shoot is a textbook sample of how a beauty should use her toys or fingers so her love tunnel is not blocked when this babe is paddling the pink canoe.

In a uncommon interview for SCOREtv, Lillian talked to host Dave and explained that she’s actually a very intimate person. On-cam, that babe is not bashful but in the real world, not cyber world, she’ll look away if a man is staring at her chest.

“I’m coy but I’m not ashamed of my body,” said Lillian. “I adore my body. I’m comfortable with it, I like to brandish off my body.”

Supposedly Lillian is back web-camming so we’re looking into that. Maybe she’ll make a comeback.

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