Farmer’s Daughter

Farmer's Daughter

The way Elaina Gregory looks as a pig-tailed farmer’s daughter may receive you to wishing you were a salesman driving throughout Cleavage County when your car breaks down in front of Elaina’s abode. And then you need to sleep over until your car is fixed. Life’s tough, eh?

Elaina’s body and larger than standard bosoms are so spectacular, the one and the other studs and hotties are breastnotized. That babe gets avoided for questions. “I was walking through the mall,” said Elaina who served in the army and was stationed in Texas. “I had just come back from the restroom and this dominatrix-bitch comes up to me and says, ‘Your knockers are so large! Are they truly real?’ And I said, ‘Yes, they are real.’ And this babe was like, ‘You have at no time had them lifted?’ And I was love, ‘Nope.’ And then she was adore, ‘Can I touch ’em?’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t know u, so you may not touch them!'”

Elaina is so stacked that she was “a D-cup in midst school. And I would always acquire the cuties who told, ‘Oh, you know, that babe stuffs her brassiere! There is no way that babe is that greater than run of the mill. She stuffs her bra!’ and it got to the point that I execrated them ‘cuz I was tired of being the subject of all those rumors. Or they would think that ‘coz I had large boobs that I was automatically a bimbo. You know? So, it just got to the point where I was miserable and my grandmother offered to acquire me a reduction when I was just 16.”

“Well, I didn’t do it cuz I knew that I was not done growing and that if I got ’em reduced, that there was a chance that they would receive larger than standard some other time. And so I did not and now that I’ve served my time in the army, they will actually pay for me to have a reduction, but I will not do that now coz now I like my knockers.”

Thank hooter heaven that Elaina did not do it!

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