Droppin’ It Like It is Sexy

Droppin' It Like It is Hot

When we first saw Lavish we thought this babe looked adore pop chanteuse, Rihanna. U know, the hottie that sings that Umbrella song. Well, we imagine that the conversation between her and this GREG went something adore this:
“You look adore Rihanna,”
“Yeah, people tell me that. Desire me to suck your cock?”
You’d need to be nuts to refuse that suggest. Lavish may not have the biggest mambos out there, but she makes up for her quantity with the quality of her cock-sucking and bawdy cleft popping. You watch, that babe says this babe likes to copulate the schlong and when that babe does, that babe likes to imagine herself on the dance floor, throwing her coochie and her ass around. This babe says the reason she makes so much dough as a hooker is ‘cuz most lads wish to screw a darksome hottie that appears like one of these episode hos. “I just pop my wazoo around and drop it down and grind it on their jocks and ’em boys go barmy and give me all that cash, baby!” Well-said, Lavish. You keep on smutty dancin’ your way to the bank!

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