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Opinions differ but Czech hotties seem to live on the wild side more than any other nationality. Here, Dominno worships the faceless SCORE Gent with her tongue, bigger in size than run of the mill marangos and pussy in P.O.V. camera work. This babe gives him a enjoyable smile and a hot look and knows she’s in for it.

What is it about these Czech gals that makes ’em so sexed-up? There are many theories, but who truly cares. The evidence is in their near-obsessive worship of ramrod on-camera. Almost all Czech glamour models that do adult do XXX porn. Few do nudity alone. In fact, we’ve filmed them. But almost all have slight in number limits, unlike Brits and Americans.

That chap hands Dominno a slight top so this man can savor how her jugs look in it before this stud bonks the shit out of her. She expects a pounding or she’ll be dissatisfied. Those cuties crave male force, domination and control. That is why they are doing this in the first place.

After adult modeling several times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czechia, Dominno retired from porn in 2011 and now does solely glamour shoots. Dominno got married a pair of years ago and her wedding was filmed for a reality show in the Czechia. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles cuz the newlyweds are riders.

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