Desk Sex With The Big titted Supervisor

Desk Sex With The Colossal boobed Supervisor

Karen Fisher lives the life of a busy human resources executive at SCORE. You know the sort. You’ve seen her in your own business center’s parking lot walking to or from her car. This babe is always wearing a super-tight, low-scooped blouse or sweater, usually over a push-up brassiere for maximum boobage. A short skirt so taut that babe can separate her legs but not also far apart. Super-high stiletto heels that announce her arrivals and departures. Miss Fisher’s activities as a human resources supervisor include making and taking phone calls, usually to her boyfrend cougars, taking lengthy lunches with whoever is the current vice president, watching the shirtless warehouse employees lifting boxes on closed circuit TV and leaving early for manicure appointments. That babe has a tough, demanding job that requires total, tireless dedication and Karen has the right equipment for the job. This day she’s interviewing John C. for the position of truckman. She has to make sure this fellow is fully qualified to perform the several positions this babe requires. Karen needs a lady-killer who can go at it lengthy and rock hard, somebody who knows all about enormous loads. Will John C. be pro to fill Karen‘s spot? John believes that fellow has the right tools for Miss Fisher’s tight requirements. This collision in her office will determine if this ladies man can satisfy her. She’s especially interested in that enormous load part and will be keeping abreast of it with an open throat to enslave that rogering cum.

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