Widen Formation

Spread Formation

You would love to play touch football with Desiree. After all, you’ve observed each inch of her voluptuously stacked physique at SCORELAND for the past four years. U have viewed Desiree tackled and blitzed. You have viewed her end zone penetrated. These full, robustly bigger than typical titties are a pleasure to check out in “hang time.” Opposing players have committed a few holding violations against her. Bow, bang and bounce are not just football coaching terms used to describe Desiree’s widen formation. Desiree is in a dream football league of her own.

“Guys want to look in my eyes, but they acquire stuck at my chest. They are always looking at my love muffins. I view their faces, but they are not staring at my eyes.” That’s one way to fake ’em out and score a touchdown, Desiree.

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