Working Gal

Working Girl

T'was the day previous to Valentine's Day and at the office, Mr. DeSergio's junk was swelling at the sight of his office assistant Demmi Valentine taking dictation. In this office, girls can come to work in constricted skirts and low-cut blouses and more than productivity goes up.

The dictation ends quickly to make time for dicktation. Mr. DeSergio has greater issues on his hands than some boring memo. Demmi's bigger than run of the mill issues compel him to quickly get hands-on and Demmi, being a company female, is glad to assist him.

Taking Demmi's funbags out to suck and rub them pokes Mr. D over the edge. This chab drops trou so Demmi, still seated, can blow a tune on his skin flute with popping sounds. She sees he's no micro-manager. She cups her bigger in size than run of the mill mangos for the boss's boner bonus and polishes it to a precious shine. This is one greatly adept Personal Assistant. In fact, Demmi's a Bunny Babe from Dennis Hof's Adore Ranch near Carson Town, Nevada and is merely moonlighting as a temp at this office.

After tit-fucking and more cock mouthing, Mr. D strips Demmi down to her underclothing, seats her back in the chair, moves her white lace knickers to the side and gives her lip service, shoving his tongue into her cooch. That tickles her fancy. Still seated, Demmi spread-eagles for her Valentine's gift, taking each inch into her pink hole in the 1st of numerous business mergers. The office furniture in this company can sure take a beating, especially his desk with Demmi gangbanged over it, her big bouncy bosoms dangling and quivering with each thrust.

Thank’s, Demmi Valentine!

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