The Screamer

The Screamer

No fictional storyline is needed to jump-start this SCORE Classic clip of big-boobed dark brown Debbie Leigh. It spreads with Debbie kneeling in front of a naked lad with his man-stick hovering a not many inches from her face. In her perfect diction, Debbie starts filthy talking and not at any time stops as that babe flicks her tongue out and licks the shlong.

When she can’t speak due to a filled throat, she’s giggling, moaning and making pleasure sounds, the vibratory sounds giving Talon an extra jolt to a astounding oral stimulation. This babe rubs her face on it periodically, then pops it in her throat. That’s one schlong sucking technique you don’t often watch. After this blow job dissertation, they receive on the couch so Debbie can observe you and say, “Fuck my cookie side-saddle.”

In all of our years of shooting porn, we’ve to say that Debbie Leigh’s bedroom banter ranks at the very top, combining pure verbal foul with a immodest naughtiness whilst still maintaining a girl-next-door personality. Debbie’s talents at cum-coaxing and dick-throating are second to none. Debbie told that babe decided to try hawt nude modeling ‘coz that babe was fatigued of working regular jobs for very low pay and being sexually harassed by the boss. And she got off being a hotty who inspires boyz to toss off.

As we one time told about Debbie, “She is the kind of girl u take on a vacation getaway but you by no means leave the room until it is time to fly home. Yet you still had the finest vacation of your whole life.” Talon told Debbie’s cunt control was phenomenal in its cock-gripping force. The consummate fuck-doll.

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