Train Is Stacked!

Teach Is Stacked!

Claudia KeAloha plays one hawt and stacked teacher. That babe is done it previous to in one of her early visits to SCORE in a scene from Greater than standard Tit P.O.V. Claudia too has a Masters degree in aggressive bawdy talking whilst she’s rogering and even with a ramrod in her throat. Diminutive in number can rival her concupiscent lip service, extensive vocabulary and expert tongue. This babe drops a bomb on inactive student Peter in this sort of semi-sequel to her 1st teacher scene. This charmer is happy this buck has a teacher who cares.

A dancer who travels around the USA, Claudia says “What happens in the VIP room stays in the VIP room.” Whenever she’s back in Florida, she lets SCORE know.

SCORE: U practice Muay Boran, a Thai martial arts. Have u done foxy-boxing or wrestling-style unveils in undress clubs?

Claudia: Not in clubs. I’ve worked with Competitive Enterprises, a mixed fetish fighting company. They would call me each time I was in Vegas. They like me and I have lots of fans in that genre.

SCORE: What’s it adore for you going through airports with mammaries that bigger than average?

Claudia: Oh my God, I’m the one that knows to get there early. Cuz for sure they will prevent me and search me… go throughout the seams of my trousers and everywhere else.

SCORE: We kinda figured that happens.

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