Balcony Boob A team fuck

Balcony Boob Bang

Any boy who has ever chased some honey bunny for slit knows that sometimes babes put out and sometimes they don’t. There is no rhyme or reason to it, and there’s no scientific explanation for why some angels have the “Easy Slut” gene and some don’t. And many a frustrated gent knows that sometimes said “nice” cuties, who will not give up the puss, will leave u with a mean set of blue balls and nothing to do but jerk and curse her name after that babe leaves. It is a marvelous fucked-up problem. So let’s be honest right now about Claire Dames. That babe doesn’t put out in this episode. Nope, Claire doesn’t give up the coochie, at all. But in advance of you get discouraged, let us explain. Claire is a recent type of “nice” beauty. Yeah, she isn’t rogering u, but this babe is intend to take care of your shlong. Watch, Claire understands the plight of the blue-balled smooth operator, and she refuses to take part in any of that cruelty. Instead, Claire wraps her juggs around your ding-dong and gives you a hearty tug job. Watch, she knows your penis needs the release and that babe is willing to assist u out. Yeah, we know, she doesn’t give it up, but her dedication to fairness and tugness for all is beautiful inspirational. Let us hope all gals out there learn to lend a hand and their busty pair in the name of teamwork and cooperation

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