Christy’s POV Boob Bouncing A gang bang

Christy's P.O.V. Boob Bouncing Bang

“At home, if I like you or I know you, I’ll be nice to you,” said girl-next-door Christy. “It all depends on the person. I can be the coolest person you have ever met or I can be the monumental slut you’ve ever met. U give me flowers, I’ll give u flowers. You throw rocks at me, I’ll throw them right back.

“But I try to have a positive attitude about things. I try not to be also feisty. I would say I love to be the wonderful gal. But when it comes to sex, I am the naughty one with whips and chains and areola clamps.”

Bad goddess on-camera. Valuable (very worthwhile) girl off-camera.

Living in a rural area, Christy’s drawn to nature, and even being outside can make her amorous when the time and place is right.

“I like cumming outdoors. I always imagine that a nearby hunter will watch me and copulate me right there in the woods. I’ve such a indecent fuckin’ mind!”

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