Cheryl Blossom: Study Time Titillation

Cheryl Blossom: Study Time Titillation

All reading and no playing makes a university pupil restless.

“I’m precious at mathematics and other sciences,” said well-rounded Cheryl Blossom. “I adore to read books and I love most of all classic Russian literature.”

We interrupted Cheryl at work on her laptop at just the right pont of time. This babe was pleased for a change of pace. Cheryl can’t live out of the digital camera and the digital camera loves her.

Taking off her shorts, top, undergarment and briefs during break time comes naturally now to the alluring and beautifully-built, young Russian girl-next-door.

“If I were to rate my favorite body parts by number [with 1 being most-favorite], 4 is for my abdomen. THREE is for my ass. I do not think I have a favourite boob, but since I must come to a conclusion, TWO is my left boob and 1 is my right boob. So my love bubbles are numbers one and 2.”

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