Cat On A Hawt Skin Flute

Cat On A Sexy Skin Flute

Cat Bangles is now at SCOREVideos! If you have watched her at SCORELAND where Cat first appeared, u know that this beautifully stacked pussycat likes sex! Later in this episode, that babe moves her a-hole up and down while Rocky is inside her punani in a doggie position. This cutie loves to ride ribald and is very enthusiastic and amorous.

In magazines, Cat debuts in September ’14 SCORE and October ’14 Voluptuous. (She is the covergirl of Voluptuous.) Yes, a double initial appearance which is still rare. This Lalin girl from Boston is poised to take on, and take over, the big-boobed world.

We receive to ask fresh adult models all kinds of probing questions that would receive an typical guy’s face slapped at a strip club or other meeting place. How aged was Cat when this babe got her cherry popped? We asked her that question.

“I was 18. I was a late bloomer. I did not acquire those bad cuties until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had big bra buddies and worthwhile little bodies and asses, and I still wasn’t there yet. But when my love bubbles came in, they just blew up.”

Did Cat or her girlfriends ever imagine she’d pose out of a stitch of clothes and receive rogered by able bucks in hot clips at SCORE?

“Oh, they would not have believed it. I do not think I would have believed it. It was ‘coz I was such a late bloomer. People would tell me that I had a charming face and things like that, but my body did not truly come in until later on. My billibongs grew in all at once and then my ass did, also. Now I just love being undressed whenever I can.”

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