Oiled & Showered

Oiled & Showered

Casey Deluxe oils and massages her stupendous baby bump, then showers in the last segment of our pregnant Casey series. Mommy and sweetheart are doing fine. The German delight will be a mom adult model as well as a model mom.

SCORELAND: Casey, congratulations. How is life since u gave birth?

Casey: It is a bit stressful but also very valuable with the baby.

SCORELAND: What adult modeling plans do u have?

Casey: I will go on as previous to, but now as a Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK model.

SCORELAND: What size are your scoops now?

Casey: I didn’t measure them but they have grown since the birth. My bra size is now 80K EU (36J US). I am wearing maternity bras.

SCORELAND: Are your wobblers more sensitive now after childbirth?

Casey: Yep, they are much more sensitive now than previous to.

SCORELAND: What makes your areolas very unyielding?

Casey: Stroking, massaging, tongueing and sucking.

SCORELAND: Are you producing greater than standard amounts of milk?

Casey: Unfortunately, not. I rub-down every single day to improve the peculiar brandish and I am using a breast pump.

SCORELAND: U told that you were highly randy during gestation. Are you still as sexually excited now?

Casey: Oh, yes. Nothing has changed. I need plenty of sex.

SCORELAND: Thank’s, Casey Deluxe.

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