One tough cop. June Summers is one tough probation officer. This babe carries a badge and packs a larger than run of the mill undergarment. Badge number 40-26-36.

The Big-Boob redhead does not take any shit from the miscreants and perverts she has to keep an eye on. It’s a messy job but June has the right tools for the job. In fact, her mind is dirtier than the slime she has to keep in line.

June checks up on this one greasy low-life, making sure that he’s obeying the law and staying a decent citizen. She’s willing to reveal him how that babe keeps her wards on the up and up. June also makes sure his shaft is on the up and up. Bears a resemblance to this dirtbag is carrying a concealed weapon in his underclothes. Who does that gent think he’s? A politician? June’s gonna acquire to check him out.

June Summers: Undercover Cop. The poster goddess of cell block 34FF. There is no nightstick she cannot handle.

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