Brick Abode

Brick House

The precious news is that you’ve another pictorial of the pretty Ivy Darmon to study and memorize. The not-so-good news is that Ivy has decided to avoid modeling SCORE-style and is going for a career in the mainstream stripped modeling world where they do not take off their shirts and lift up their skirts. We wish Ms. Darmon all the finest and thank her for all this babe has done to make us hardened bucks. Maybe Ivy will change her mind one day. That’s a woman’s prerogative. American writer Oliver Herford nailed it: “A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s ‘cuz that babe changes it more often.” We’ll miss Ivy and so will SCORE men adore JB (“Ivy has a breathtaking body. This babe has some of the most magnificant bosoms I’ve ever watched.”) and S.L. (“There is smth about this gal that’s nearly unbearably hawt. Can not receive enough of her.”)

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