Breakfast & Head in Sofa

Breakfast & Head in Bed

Okay, so u know this scenario: You take a honey bunny home and u screw the shit with out her. She appears to be to be a worthy girl, so you let her spend the night. And then the next morning that babe turns out to be either hideous, a blanket hogger or worse…annoying and demanding. U know what kind of cutie we are referring to. The kind who urges a glass of water or wishes you to receive her smth to eat. But we are here to tell u that there is another kind of chick out there. The Giver. The Giver will wake up and blow you. She will suggest you a rub-down and ask u if u need a glass of water. Trust us. The Giver exists. Just investigate beauty Daylene Rio. She is a giver and a half. U see, Daylene will bring u breakfast in couch. (Yep, it happens.) And this babe will feed you all sorts of delightsome goodies. And one time u have had your fill of food, and you’ve regained the energy it takes to pound a stacked sweet heart adore this, Daylene is more than pleased to widen her legs and mouth wide so you can feed her…some jock. And what’s incorrect with that? To all of you who have had the bad morning-after with some troll doxy, we say this: Keep the faith, brother. The Giver is out there and when you land her, keep her around. It’s not also often you’re going to acquire breakfast in sofa AND head.

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