Boob Poppin’ With Annabelle Rogers

Boob Poppin' With Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers told that babe always felt empowered and sexy cuz of her pantoons, not ashamed. She would by no means hide her ta-tas.

“There were plenty of breasty girls in my school, but I was known for my big mellons,” Annabelle said. “We called it The Big-Titty Committee in college, and then there was the Itty-Bitty Committee with the little gals. I’ve no idea exactly how many gals were in the Big-Titty Committee but I was in it. I was kinda the head of the committee. I guess I showed them off the almost any. There were always lads trying to look down my breast valley on the staircases.”

That leads our breast-obsessed minds to wonder if any male teachers were also staircase loiterers.

“When I was a senior in high-school, I was voted massive flirt, and some of my allies said me that in the girls’ locker room, I was the one who was always known to be stripped. Majority cuties would receive clothed and try to hide themselves with a towel, but I was always walking around bare.

“I did not have also many creepy teachers in high-school. I did have one creepy Fitness Centre teacher. This chab would make us do yoga, an all-girls yoga class, and this charmer would just sit down in the back of the room tapping on his tablet, so there was a rumor that this fellow was filming us doing yoga. I have no idea if that was true.”

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