Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

It is a taut tops flaunt with Carolina playgirl Billi Bardot. She’s brought several of her beloved outfits that show off her super-slim, super-stacked silhouette. Afterward, Billi lies back and finger-bangs her bald fur pie.

“My scones are 34M,” told Billi, a dancer and now a pornstar. “I have bras made or I can squeeze them into Gs off the rack but I’ve to make the thong smaller. My ribcage is merely Thirty two inches. I have my bras made in France. They make plenty of worthwhile ram over there for gals with large knockers, love sports bras. The sports bras here are funny. U can not run in these.

“I do not even notice my milk shakes almost any of the time. I just adore how they’re comfortable and cushioned, and when I am bored, I always have smth to do. I always have somewhere to put a gulp. They come in handy. I was in a home improvement store and carrying around a Red Bull and I didn’t have anywhere to put it while I looked at stuff so I just stuffed the can right between them.”

Billi may not notice her big milk shakes almost any of the time but we do…all of the time, every time.

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