Bathing suit Stuffing

Bikini Stuffing

Erin and Helen Star along with pal Kitty Cute are having a beer at the Coco Bar when Dave calls ’em with the latest North Coast defiance. They’re willing for whatsoever task that lady-killer is gonna assign.

“Hello, gals, your next challenge is to try on the smallest bathing costume tops u can discover,” Dave tells them.

The idea is to see who can tuck her immense milk sacks into the smallest bikini tops they can detect in a box at the Coco Bar.

They commence with the stupendous swimsuit tops and work their way to the smallest tops, their fullsome funbags spilling out. The last bikinis they put on are bizarre swimsuits. They walk to the lawn and break into a three girl dance, their monumental mounds bouncing and swinging. Seeing them dance may lead to becoming very boob-drunk so observe responsibly.

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