Big Baby oil Spill

Big Oil Spill

Just check out Minka‘s trim body in a red-hot string bathing dress at poolside in this movie. She’s at not time looked better and her fit physique puts burger-eating teenagers to shame. Oiling up her national treasures has always required tons of petroleum products but Minka is worth each drop. All Minka fans know this babe dearly loves to keep tan.

That babe calls over SCORE prop-man Tony to rub her down and make her sexy body shine in the Florida sun. Minka’s melons glisten and shine and the fondelling has made her tingle. That babe could use the weenie. 1st, betwixt her alluring breasts, then in her face hole and slit. They head into the abode for their intimate party. Minka towers over Tony but there is an old tradition in the big-boobed world of short lads screwing tall zeppelins. “You’ve got big breasts,” says Tony, who’s not at any time met Minka previous to and is probably shell-shocked. “I know I have larger than run of the mill funbags, ” Minka replies with authority. “But I’ve got a dunky face hole and a petite love tunnel!”

Mammoth funbags, constricted pussy, small mouth. U can not ask for more than that in life. And Minka puts that dunky throat to worthy use as she runs her pink tongue along the shaft. Then it’s time to wham-bam. Minka loves to rub her clitoris when she’s getting fucked in missionary position. She cums paramount doing that. And after that babe cums, that babe craves to see Tony cum…on her meatballs.

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