Big Milk sacks & Petite Bubbles

Big Funbags & Miniature Bubbles

We cant say if Kaho Shibuya would wear this very unusual-looking bizarre bathing dress at the beach or at a hotel’s pool. She’d make lots of studs happy if she did, in advance of their girlfriends poured a bottle of water over their heads. “This sort of swim costume is called an ‘eyepatch bikini’ in Japan!” Kaho said. That babe tip-toes into the baths for a swimsuit shower and bubble washroom. That babe is a living doll with a hot voice, like her fine friend Hitomi.

SCORELAND: Kaho, are u recognized in public?

Kaho: I hide my love melons in public and wear glasses–I wear contact lenses for work–so rarely.

SCORELAND: What do you adore to do for pleasure?

Kaho: I play shogi and ukulele.

SCORELAND: Do you drive a car?

Kaho: I’ve a driving license but I don’t drive. We call that a paper driver for we only use the license as a photo ID. In Tokyo where many transportation options are accessible, you don’t acquire to drive. But almost all of all, I’m afraid to drive.

SCORELAND: How would you describe your personality: in public and in intimate?

Kaho: I am very outgoing and socially active in public, but in intimate I’d love to spend time just by myself with out going out for a gulp to socialize. I do not even drink alcohol and I abhor trying to fit in. I honestly enjoy being different.

SCORELAND: Do u look at porn at home? If yes, what kind of porn?

Kaho: Solely the ones I’m in, for research.

SCORELAND: Do u have any sex fantasies?

Kaho: I suppose at this point, majority of ’em became realities. Now I solely desire what everybody wants: have admirable sex with a good ladies man.

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