Bigger in size than run of the mill Bazooms For Better Living

Big Bazooms For Better Living

The person who wrote about meatballs, “You’ve watched two, you have observed them all,” was an idiot who not at all saw Lara Jones as well as all of the sensational sweater-busters at SCORELAND. Anyone who has the great luck to date Lara would be advised to take up weight-lifting to strengthen his arms.

That brings us to the million-dollar question: Will single woman Lara judo-flip a lad into couch immediately following the first date, if this gent manages to acquire one?

“It depends,” Lara says with the dexterity of a politician expert in speaking to the cram. “It is all about what I feel in that pont of time. It could be yes or no. I’d not at all say, ‘I will never have sex with a chap on the 1st date’ or ‘I always have sex on the first date.’ It is about how we make a connection and how much we love each other. If we do, then maybe. But not definitely.”

Whatsoever her views on the subject, Lara receives our votes ‘coz we stand behind the big boobed platform on which that babe runs.

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