Naked In The Country

Bare In The Country

Hitomi goes all-American honey bunny in taut jeans and a white tank top. Hitomi’s on the timid side (believe it or not) and now tends to wear loose-fitting hot raiment when she goes out. Our location was out side but private so Hitomi could undressed it all without wondering if anyone was watching her gyrate and grind.

When she is not being Hitomi, world-famous, erection-producing AV idol and glamour model, Hitomi is adore any other healthy, standard sexy vixen detected in any nation. Her phone is a permanent accessory in her wardrobe and she’s devoted to her little dog Chacha.

Hitomi stays in shape and keeps that diminutive waist super-slim by careful eating one week before a shoot. That babe tries to eat salads as her main looker and reduces the amount of food this babe eats. When not in “training” mode, Hitomi’s much loved foods are meat and salmon.

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