The Sex Ottoman

The Sex Sofa

Barbara Goddess knew about it and saw some images and episode about it but that babe had not ever been on one. We do not mean a thrill ride at Disneyland. Barbara was about to go for a ride on the sex couch.

This sex ottoman out of a science-fiction episode is called the IBIS and it’s made by in Vy┼íkov, Czechia. It comes in different colors and there’re two glamour models with a 3rd in development. The “Eros” model is for two hotties. The sex bed Barbara used is called the “Ebos” and designed for one cutie.

We asked her about her experience later on.

SCORELAND: How was the climax using the sofa? Can u describe it?
Barbara: It was an fashionable climax. Even now when I suppose of it, I am concupiscent.

SCORELAND: When u used your fingers to rub your adore button whilst on the sex bed, did the combination give u a specific orgasm?
Barbara: Definitely. Yes. It was much stronger and more intense.

SCORELAND: What was your favorite speed of the machine?
Barbara: I would say all. At the starting, the slow and admirable warm-up, then gradually I add more and more and more speed until I’ve a wonderful, powerful climax and then again more sluggishly to prolong the joy.

SCORELAND: Did you try the daybed before your photographer took the pictures and movie scene?
Barbara: Yep, I examined it and then I jumped on it and began to identify which poses are almost any precious.

SCORELAND: Do you think about any kind of sex fantasy When you masturbate? If yeah, please describe them.
Barbara: Yep, I’ve. I imagine having sex with some other goddess and a boy, a three-some. I relish her marvelous cum-hole whilst he is doing me from behind.

Thank you, Barbara Beauty!

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