Bangin’ Meatballs in Blue

Bangin' Milk sacks in Blue

Trust us when we say that we know what it is like to be cranky, frustrated and in need of some stress-relief. Sometimes a guy’s got to go blow off some steam, you know, take it easy and just loosen up. And there’re three or so ways of doing this. The first is a little miracle we love to call BEER. Except if you spend also much time with beer, u wind up with a headache and a gut. The second is a great invention called SPORTS. Except u can lose time, effort and even some money on sports and it usually goes hand in hand with beer. The final is the finest way of all; LOVE TUNNEL. Cum-hole is a great way to blow off steam and even your wad. The thing is, slit isn’t always available, attainable or even around. Not to worry. That’s why hookers were invented. Hookers are love the Chinese food of cum-hole; quick, reliable, always available via delivery, not so unbending on the budget and after you’ve lots of it, you can always have just a little more. Don’t make no doubt of it? Investigate Soleil Hughes‘ and her hookertastic particular display in this movie. That babe displays up, fucks, get paid and goes. It’s consummate. So next time you’re a little bit stressed and need some relief, just put your wang in a hooker, they always hit the spot!

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