Artfully Undressed

Artfully Naked

“It is love I am undressed but dressed at the same time!” Hitomi giggled after seeing the fantastic work of our artist. Hitomi provided her charming body to use as his canvas.

Mr. John Neyrot of has been painting gals for Twenty years but he not ever before had a human canvas adore this jaw-dropping gal from Japan. It was an applaud for him to paint the skin of the superstar in a rare American appearance for Hitomi.

This may have been the majority difficult shoot of all for Hitomi (as it would be for any skillful model) since that babe had to hold still for John’s brush for close to four hours. After posing for those images and savoring her painted dress for a time, Hitomi took a long shower. But this work did not absolutely go down the drain in vain. These photos and the unequalled time lapse clip prove that.

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