Annabelle Rogers: Breast Management

Annabelle Rogers: Breast Management

A gal with lots of fetishes and raunchy fantasies, Annabelle Rogers talks kink. No one would ever guess that from her apple pie and peaches looks.

“I really love public humiliation. That is one thing I indeed relish. I honestly have so many fetishes. I feel adore every single month, I am into smth different or watching a different type of porn, but I indeed love dirty talk. I adore coarse ram. Bawdy talk mostly. Vulgar smutty talk. Both of us going at it. I am dominating and obedient, but I adore being tractable with a boy. I like being abused a little bit. He’s saying, ‘Oh, you’re such a obscene little wench.’ I adore when they tell me what to do. ‘Get on your knees. Spread your legs.’

“I truly adore when the beauty is being strided around on a leash. I adore when a beauty is showing off some other angel and everybody is groping her and touching her. They grope her. They screw her. And I adore when a whole bunch of people are groping and fingering her as this babe is standing there and there is nothing she can do about it. That’s just something that doesn’t happen in your everyday life.

“I’ve done public play but no thing where people were groping me. Flashing in public. Public masturbation. I do tons of car masturbation. Car rides are likewise long and boring. I’ll wear a petticoat with no thing beneath it. I used to flash the pizza skirt chaser in hopes that smooth operator would pull over and give me a pizza for flashing him.”

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