Angela's Bikini Bangeroo

Angela's Swimsuit Bangeroo

Angela White dropped a bombshell on the studio that started her career, "I crave to do hardcore for SCORE. This babe and SCORE were meant to explore her fucking and deep throating talents jointly!.

In Angela's Bathing suit Bangeroo, the wonder from down-under dons a hawt string monokini and brandishes her astonishing bod off at pool side in St. Maarten.

It's a wonder that Angela didn't turn the pool water into steam with her overheated body. This charming Australian coed worships the large penis as only the that babe can.

Angela skilled her goals of becoming not only Australia's most-well known porno star but one of the stars of the international scene. And to think it all started with an 18-year-old legal age teenager writing a letter to SCORE and enclosing some images in the envelope in 2003.

When Angela went home after her first travel to Miami, she wrote: "What does being in SCORE mean to me? It means everything! It honestly does. All throughout my childhood, all I ever wanted to be was a adult model. Being a model meant that u got to prove to everyone that u were impressive. I suppose I truly wanted to do that coz I was insecure about my appearance. I was nice-looking corpulent as a kid so I thought I had no hope. At that stage, certainly, I was juvenile; too youthful to think of men's magazines as an option. At 12 and 13 years-old, I lost all of my weight and became actually thin. I was expert to do a bit of modelling then, but of course I was still unhappy ‘cuz I was flat chested. Being flat chested was a real issue for me because I felt so different. Most of the other angels had a little bit of curve but I had the body of a ladies man. I used to cry about it when I got home from school and my mum always told me not to worry ‘coz she knew that I’d 'catch up to them and overtake them.' It was when I was around 14 years-old that I developed (and lad did I develop). Everything moved at a fast pace from then onwards. I became pleased with my body. My dream was to appear in SCORE love so many of my idols, like Linsey and Autumn. Honestly, it still appears to be sureal to me that I’ve indeed made it. I feel better about my body now than I ever had. I'm now getting even more attention from boyz and it feels actually great. What does it mean for me to appear in SCORE? It means my body can finally receive the appreciation that it deserves, it means that I’m truly living my fantasies and it means that I can lastly be myself."

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