Amora Lee’s Big Bust After-party

Amora Lee's Large Bust After-party

If Amora Lee did not have a ally who recommended that babe try modeling, this babe wouldn’t be here.

If Amora had gone ahead with the breast reduction she was thinking about, this babe would not be here.

If Amora hadn’t Googled “big-breasted glamour models,” that babe would not be here.

If Amora had changed her mind about sending stripped snaps to a company called SCORE that she had not ever heard of previous to, that babe wouldn’t be here.

If Amora hadn’t gotten divorced, she probably would not be here.

That is tons of ifs but you get the point. Sometimes a fresh, spectacular model arrives ‘cuz of a random series of events that lead to SCORELAND.

What’s also beyond the capacity of the mind to comprehend is why Amora’s now ex-boyfriend of 13 years wasn’t a boob smooth operator.

Amora’s friend asked her about her first time on-camera, and Amora told her, “Well, it’s a little out of my norm. Well, no, it’s a lot out of my norm, but I liked it.”

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