All Eyes On Selena Adams

All Eyes On Selena Adams

Selena Adams is a well-connected Florida local. A hot, sexy girl love her has to live in the Sunshine State or someplace similar in climate. That babe can not live in states where the winters keep people stuck at home half the year. That babe has to be at the beach, at pools and doing the 305 scene in Miami. Selena is not into sports but that babe wishes to try skydiving.

“I don’t truly have any fetishes,” Selena said. “Except for a cum fetish. I love seeing a priceless, large load.

“My carnal fantasy is to share a dick with one of my girlfriends, make out with the cock in the middle and view her get eaten out indeed priceless during the time that I look at and touch myself.”

After undressing and twerking her handsome, large mammaries and bodacious arse, Selena acquires into daybed and toys herself with two of her favorite battery-operated boyfriends.

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