Geek Boob Squad

Geek Boob Squad

Alix Lakehurst needs her PC checked out so the company sends over a boy with a big tool to fix it. And during the time that he’s there, this petticoat chaser might as well serve Alix likewise. That babe could use some personal servicing. So Alix sits in a chair and watches Jmac at work. That babe begins playing with her big tits and smiles at him. This fellow doesn’t need an engraved invitation after that. JMac receives the message without the need for a text, an email, a Tweet or anything else. The aged ways of a cutie signaling she wishes to get fucked are still the finest!

Alix’s big jugs are an extra bonus for the techie about to relish the feel of her lips and cunt wrapped around his cable.

“I don’t dress adore a floozy,” Alix says. “But with my body, it is unbending not to look sexy.” This babe is right. That is why this guy is adore a kid in a candy store and her bosoms are like bon-bons to him!

“I’m attracted to geeky, meaty dudes that can pick me up over their shoulder and fix my computer. I adore hair also. Bushy chests are admirable to rub and I likewise adore a bit of a gut, make no doubt of it or not. If I have a fetish about anything, it would be shaggy chests. I have not at all been into looks.”

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