Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Alanna Ackerman said she’s a sex freak. This babe is a Florida gal and is used to wearing skimpy little outfits that unveil anything all year long. “I like sex more than life itself. I have a massive nipple fetish so I adore looking at cuties that have larger than typical boobies. I can’t go a day with out screwing. I’m too a chronic masturbator.

“Sex in a photo-shoot and episode can be more exciting than private sex cuz I’m intend to be viewed by so many bucks that I want to look as hot as I can. The sex is a expose. The alluring raiment, the shoes, the ribald positions, being a villein to the man’s strapon. In real life, in intimate, a cutie can coast. But if she urges to attract the attention of thousands of boys, and keep their attention, it is a way different story.”

How many lads has Alanna banged in her life, on-and-off screen?

“I stopped keeping track when I was 18. At some point u just have to give up. Donot worry though. I remember each lad by something that gent did I liked or maybe this guy was just indeed hot.”

Does she acquire together with girlfriends and describe their hottest sexual encounters and the lads they’ve had with the immense knobs?

“I guess u could say this is where I am a little selfish. I do not adore to give the beauties names, but, yep, sometimes we chat about the last hot piece of ass we got. I am just not also quick to give out my favorites, the ones I wish for myself.”

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