A Day On The Water

A Day On The Water

The Miami day is glamourous and so is a special visitor to the Magic City. Hitomi is perfectly clothed for today’s activity. She wears a bikini top that cant cover her large milk shakes and tiny denim shorts. It’s sunny and clear, a flawless day to take to the water in a speed boat.

Hitomi’s destination is no normal tourist spot. It is a village of shacks and houses called Stiltsville near Key Biscayne. Constructed in the 1930s, this former “renegade” village was athletic on concrete pilings ten feet above the water line. For years, the place boomed with party goers from every social level. But no more. Time and hurricanes took their toll.

Hitomi had by no means observed anything adore it. That babe piloted the boat for a slight in number knots, the captain at her side, and then turned the wheel over to him so that babe could pole dance as they sped towards Stiltsville. Hitomi had at no time pole danced previous to for us so it’s a treat to watch her moves.

After disembarking, Hitomi explored this forlorn structure, a very odd place for her to naked her magnificent body. She could nearly feel the history swirl around her. How many people had strolled and partied on those now-desolate decks over the many years? One thing is certain. None of the angels who’d been here before could have matched Hitomi for pointer sisters, body and cutie.

And when her trip was entire…after that babe had graced Stiltsville with her presence, Hitomi and her friends sped back to the Magic City.

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