Ricki Raxxx: The Hot Floor Show

Ricki Raxxx: The Hot Floor Show

Ricki Raxxx: The Hot Floor Show

“The advantages of large boobs are that they are great eye-candy and are fun to play with. The main disadvantage is that everyone’s wife hates me.”

We’re not so sure about that. There are probably lots of wives who would like to touch Ricki Raxxx‘s boobs.

Ricki was never a nudist. “I live naked 24/7 when I’m home,” Ricki replied. She was a 21-year-old exotic dancer at Filly Corral in Smithton, Pennsylvania when she began modeling at SCORE. We don’t think Ricki ever danced in Miami clubs near our office. If she had, we’d have brought our own couch. Her hot floor show in the video version of this scene will floor ya. These photos freeze some of those horny, flexible moves.

“Sexually I am passive, although I may not look it. I often initiate sex because I get impatient. I very rarely masturbate. I think I have fulfilled all my fantasies. My fetish is size. I have a big-breast fetish. Big breasts and big butts.”

As mentioned, not many girls these days do this kind of horny, strip club floor show on-camera, whether they’re stacked or not. They don’t go to strip clubs let alone dance in them. What Ricki can do takes skill, experience and a high-level of fitness.

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Cum On Aileen

Cum On Aileen

Cum On Aileen

We wondered about Aileen Ghettman. Would she or wouldn’t she? Aileen didn’t wait long to make her decision.

“I’m a sexual girl, a sexually assertive girl, and I’ve been mainly a fetish model since I started,” Aileen said “I’ve also worked as a bartender, and I’ve heard it all. ‘You should model for big-boob magazines and videos’ ‘You should make movies.’ So when SCORE got in touch with me, I knew it was what I wanted to do!”

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A Roadside Jack By Jasmine Black

A Roadside Jack By Jasmine Black

A Roadside Jack By Jasmine Black

It’s too hot and sunny for lovely Jasmine Black to walk to her destination, and the lonely country road she’s on makes her feet hurt. Her white blouse is soaked. Lifting it up to try to cool off does nothing. Jasmine needs a knight in a shiny car to come to her rescue.

And here he comes, pulling over after spotting this big-boobed beauty clearly in need of a hero. Jasmine gets in, happy to get off her feet. She and the driver share some small talk. A teaser, Jasmine lifts up her top and rubs her flawless naturals. She’s bound to raise up something big with this kind of front seat shenanigans and she does.

Jasmine and her new friend go in the back seat where she pulls off his shorts to examine his cock. She takes his boner in hand and between her breasts and has a yank and a tug. They need more room so they find a spot on the grass off the road and hidden by his car from any drivers that might pass by. Jasmine is so sexy and her hands and breasts so soft that he ejects a mighty load on her tasty tits.

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Anabelle Evans: Taken From Behind

Anabelle Evans: Taken From Behind

Anabelle Evans: Taken From Behind

The very pretty Anabelle Evans and her date Tom Holland get to his place after a day out and there’s only one thing on her mind. Tom doesn’t need to chase Anabelle or make the first move. She’s all over him. Girls like Anabelle make life easy. Anabelle reminds us of Amy Berton.

Tom sucks on Anabelle’s nipples and she wants to suck something also. Anabelle kisses and licks his bloated shaft and balls and wedges it between her big natural tits. She looks at his cock with a mixture of fascination and curiosity. He pulls off her pantyhose, fucks Anabelle’s pretty breasts some more and then slips her pussy the man-beef. She opens her pussy with both hands as he fucks her, a hot sight.

Anabelle is quiet at first, but Tom’s fucking makes her moan louder and louder. They break so Anabelle can suck his dick again, tasting her pussy juices on his dick. After this break for oral, Tom switches his attention to Anabelle’s pert ass and places her on her side to penetrate her butthole. Slowly at first to open up her rear-end, his cock fills her ass from the side. It gets in even deeper when he ass-fucks her from behind.

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Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss

Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss

Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss

Always be a good neighbor. Because you may have a naughty neighbor with a rack you won’t believe. A neighbor like Jenni Noble. Jim finds out when he gets his neighbor’s mail by mistake and returns it.

His eyes pop when she opens her door and he sees Jenni and her massive cleavage busting her low-cut top. She invites him in and within two shakes of a pair of big natural tits, Jenni and Jim are doing the bedroom boobie boogaloo and he’s sucking her nipples. What a friendly neighbor. It pays to be a nice guy.

Jenni likes guys who are genuine, kind and super-geeky. Dry wit, dark humor, puns and satire make her laugh the most. So now you know.

“I like someone who is open and willing to experiment,” Jenni said. “That’s always fun. A dominant female is also a huge turn-on. I’m pretty assertive. I know what I like and I’m not afraid to say it. I loathe when people obnoxiously catcall and I like it when people compliment me on my intelligence.

“When I go out for the night to have drinks with my friends, I’ll normally wear some fishnets, short-shorts, boots and a revealing top. I always wear a bra unless I’m sleeping. I don’t date too often but I usually enjoy going to a local restaurant then hitting a bar.”

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Samantaa Lee: After-party Party

Samantaa Lee: After-party Party

Samantaa Lee: After-party Party

Samantaa Lee gets home alone from a party, but she’s not ready for sleep. She’s horny and can’t go to bed until she takes care of her lust. Samantaa peels off her tight party dress, examines her naturally big, pliable boobs and plays with them, sucks on them and masturbates in her shower with her fuck-stick. Her toes curl, she sticks out her tongue and she cums hard.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Samantaa Lee: I like romantic dates.

SCORELAND: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you?

Samantaa Lee: He said “Wow, what big tits!”

SCORELAND: What are your sexual fantasies?

Samantaa Lee: That a lot of men cum on my tits.

SCORELAND: What sexually satisfies you the best?

Samantaa Lee: To have my tits and my pussy sucked.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Samantaa Lee: Every day with my toys.

SCORELAND: What is your favorite position?

Samantaa Lee: On my side.

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like?

Samantaa Lee: I like kisses and cuddles so I can lubricate well and penetration will be more enjoyable.

SCORELAND: Do you like anal sex?

Samantaa Lee: I have not yet experimented but I would like to experiment in the future.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been in a threeway?

Samantaa Lee: I have not but I would like to in the future.

SCORELAND: When you give a man a blow job, do you spit or swallow?

Samantaa Lee: I do both.

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Best of Tits & Tugs: Holly Halston

Best of Tits & Tugs: Holly Halston

Best of Tits & Tugs: Holly Halston

The human resources manager never conducted a job interview like the one he had with Holly Halston, but then again, Holly is no ordinary woman, let alone an ordinary job applicant.

Holly has Mr. Manager firmly in hand and between her big tits, and while she’s in the conference room giving him a tit-fuck that wipes him out for the rest of the day, she talks dirty to bring him faster to exploding all over her breasts. Her filthy mouth is only one of her many skills as a super-pornstar, aggressive and unstoppable.

In most scenes, the guy often winds up jacking himself at the end, but that’s not what Holly wants to see in this interview. She strokes the cock faster and faster while her intense eye-banging is like twin laser beams, and that combination plus the dirty conversation has him blasting a load and heading to the executive restroom. Holly did get the job. She knew she would. She always gets what she wants.

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